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From one to one  vocal coaching sessions for singers and local community members , to group workshops and creative direction, with yearly vocal coaching sessions tailored to the individuals needs.

VEWA PRODUCTIONS LTD will support you authentically through your journey in singing, artist development, breathing technique for personal connection, meditation and creative direction.

Call now to book your lesson: 07440668069

"I had an amazing vocal session with Aisha-it was my first ever one and such a fun and great experience. I learnt a lot within the time
frame and I still use the techniques whenever I'm performing.
With Aisha's experience in the music industry her advice and skills are extremely useful and it was a great honour to learn and enhance
my own skills further.
I would most definitelt recommend Vewa Productions to all unsigned, independent and established talents - Ohema X 

Aisha's classes have been very useful to me throughout the past months. I've been learning how to use my breathing techniques and she gave
me a load of exercises to improve my vocal range and certain notes that I lack on. So I will definitely recommend to anyone 
that is looking for a vocal coach tutor. Leo MG aka Mr Wavey 


...Aisha explained and demonstrated everything so clearly that I was able to progress far more than I even anticipated! She 
encouraged me to be kind to myself and to not criticise my voice, and so I made significant improvements with her support and guidance. She has
the highest EQ of any business owner I have ever come across, in any industry... Amy Matthews'' 

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