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Come along and hone your craft with Aisha Peters a MOBO Nominee professional Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Sound Healer, Creative Director, Meditation Facilitator and qualified Vocal Coach. Aisha has toured with Whitney Houston, Puff Daddy, E-17, Another Level and experienced so much more as part of R&B UK trio FIERCE.' Sweet Love2K' the Anita Baker cover  was the trio's highest UK Chart  track!

With  over 20 years singing and performance experience Aisha loves to share her knowledge with artists, singers and community members!

Aisha's sessions are tailored to each individual class that she teaches. One to one sessions and group bookings included!  Whether that be for artists who need support with artist development, creative direction, vocal coaching and or breathing technique for singing and well-being. Aisha is dedicated to providing quality sessions  for each work shop that she participates in. 

Aisha is working in collaboration with Vocalzone a vocal health care brand, where she shares the benefits of their brand with vocalists, public speakers and coaches.  As a facilitator for VEWA PRODUCTIONS LTD Aisha collaborated with TheFloor  a creative platform for creators. Check out more organizations that VEWA PRODUCTIONS LTD have collaborated with below! 


At vewaproductionsltd.com Aisha's sessions have been attended by; Choir groups, X-Factor auditioners, The VoiceUK auditioners, Jason Hayles is one of her clients and reached The Semi Finals for The VoiceUK. Aisha's expertise supports Essex-Factor auditioners, Motown auditioners, Gymnasts, Singers, Rappers, Poets,  community members who wish to use singing and breath technique for positive well-being , developing artists, community members who wish to get in touch with correct breathing techniques and participants who just want to try a new activity for fun!

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